There are 23 supernatural graffiti left by the ghost girl in the game for the Side Case known as Ghost Girl's Messages. They need to be revealed.

Revealing all the graffiti will award you the Codex achievement.

Name of the graffiti General location Detailed location Text
Gallows Apartment In the second floor corridor Justice and Injustice are equally blind.
Coffins Apartment In apartment 3A, in the bedroom When death comes, it will never be alone.
Poppet City At the plaza with the fontain, near the little restaurant, behind the plank wall Are we the prodder, or are we the puppet ?
In her hands City Behind the buildings near the big tree Guarded with a tender vengeance.
Burning City To the left of the door with the porch, next to the picnic tables Such a hard refining.
Flowers City In the little alley behind boxes, in front of the tree fence Oh, the things that bloom in this town.
Stone City Down the alley to the left just before the Hospital Some questions cannot be avoided.
Quest City Near the burning part of the city The size of a quest can make any man flail.
Darkness City Near the spectral ship, behind some spectral planks. You need to use the shadowy soul to get there, or teleport Each secret treasure is observed more than darkness knows.
Storm City Near the gas station, you need to teleport through the kind of barricade to get near the old train station. The graffiti is in the alley, near the rail road. Judgement rains down on the unaware.
Dunking chair Church In the bathroom truth is a hard, cold plunge.
Demons Church In the attic, in the unused part, on the left wall in the room with the family ghosts The fittest of spirits can fall pray to this dangers.
Staircase Church (2nd time) In an office, there is a green lamp on on the desk The path to life, the path to death. The steps holds trembling feet.
Cannon Police station In the last interrogation room on the right side In every century, people find destruction.
Judge Police station In the before-last prison cell All finery and authority do not make purity
Sacrifice Cemetery In one of the mausoleum Sacrifice makes a feast for the innocent.
Ghost Cemetery On a rock cliff There is death, and what comes after death.
Baptism Hospital In the laundry room To drawn, or be washed.
Pillory Hospital Behind a little wall in a hallway, just before a warded door To be held in the harsh light is to be held to account.
Twins Hospital In the shower room in the female ward We each have a twin self, in some way.
The accused Hospital In the old part of the hospital, inside of a room with 105 written on the wall Which is the victor ? And which is the victim ?
Caught Museum In the third floor gallery No one understands what horrors befalls the souls they steal.
Mansion Museum On the third floor, on the wall up from a bag in a showcase House of justice, or merely of judgement ?